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Use this tool to get the Syro-Malabar liturgical feast and celebratory information, for any day of the year. This tool splits the year based on the Official Syro Malabar Liturgical Calendar Seasons, and you can see each events and festivities for each liturgical season. Use the Date Picker to go to a particular date you wish to see. Links for more information about an event is given via the ℹ symbol. Please note, this website is not an official site of Syro Malabar, but the data in it are made sure to be accurate as possible with the Syro Malabar Panchangam.

The various Liturgical Seasons of the Syro Malabar Liturgical Calendar are : 

1. Season of Annunciation (മംഗലവാര്‍ത്തക്കാലം | Subara)
2. Season of Nativity (പിറവിക്കാലം | Yelda)
3. Season of Epiphany (ദനഹാക്കാലം | Denha)
4. Season of Lent (നോമ്പുകാലം | Sawma Ramba)
5. Season of Resurrection (ഉയിര്‍പ്പുകാലം | Qyamta)
6. Season of the Apostles (ശ്ലീഹാക്കാലം | Slihe)
7. Season of Summer (കൈത്താക്കാലം | Qaita)
8. Seasons of Elijah – Cross – Moses (ഏലിയാ – സ്ലീവാ – മൂശക്കാലങ്ങള്‍ | Elijah-Sliba-Muse)
9. Season of the Dedication of the Church (പള്ളിക്കൂദാശക്കാലം | Qudas Edta)

All seasons begin on Sundays. 52 weeks are divided into 9 Seasons. Usually, there are 7 weeks each for every Season; the first and last are permanent exceptions; 5 or 6 for Season of Annunciation and 4 for Season of the Dedication of the Church. The dates for Easter and The Exaltation of the Cross (Kurishinte Pukazhcha) are the two main events that decides the start and end dates for all liturgical months. Resurrection is celebrated on the Sunday that follows the full moon day after March twenty first, the Spring Equinox. The Exaltation of the Cross is celebrated always on September 14th. Every seasonal start and end dates are then calculated based on these 2 dates.